2018 Highlights

—  R&D+I

Sustainability is one of Klabin’s Challenges directed to startups

Managing Klabin’s operational impacts is one of Klabin’s Challenges – an open innovation program focused on startups, whose purpose is to encourage entrepreneurship and promote sustainable solutions that improve Klabin’s processes and products. To give you an idea, one of the challenges is to find partners who can help mitigate the impacts caused by the dust generated by forestry operations, aiming to improve the quality of life of surrounding communities, seeking solutions to reduce the generation of dust and its impacts, in addition to alternative paving of roads and highways. For example, themeasures currently applied to reduce dust caused by truck traffic during harvest activities involve activities such as wetting the roads, among other measures. The company has been considering alternatives to the use of water.

Startups will be able to test and validate their solutions, generate new revenues as suppliers or partners, and obtain visibility within the ecosystem of Brazilian startups. Learn more at https://lp.startse.com.br/programa/desafios-klabin/.

Convergent technologies

Integration between the Information Technology (IT) and the Automation Technology (AT) areas allowed Klabin to create an AT Department in 2018. With the new structure, all automation processes, which were previously distributed among the business units, are centralized within the company. Converging the technologies allows integration between projects, data security and support, optimizing the company’s resources.


Protecting intellectual property

In support of innovation-related efforts, the company will consolidate the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Policy in 2018. The document, released in August 2017, defines the rules on the protection and confidentiality of elements created and innovations developed within the company to be observed by all employees. Policy workshops will be offered to all Units throughout the year.

—  Governance

Permanent Committees ensure better quality and faster decisions

Seeking to improve its management practices, Klabin changed its corporate governance structure in April 2018 by establishing Permanent Committees. With this model, the company set up specific committees divided by topic to discuss, plan and validate business support strategies. The restructuring is in line with the company’s new growth cycle, in the continuous search for improving operational efficiency and strengthening the mapping of business opportunities.

With the new model, Klabin hopes to ensure better quality and faster decision-making processes. Permanent Committees created include “Market Strategy”, “People”, “Investments”, “Innovation”, “Risk Management”, and “Sustainability”. Composed of managers and directors, each group has one sponsor, who ensures the operations of the committee and the relevance of the initiatives, and one representative, who is responsible for the dynamics of the operation. All decisions addressed by the committees will be submitted to Klabin’s Board of Directors for validation.

—  Local development

Local development

The relationship between Klabin and the community of Tibagi (PR) promises to provide better quality of life for the city. With Klabin’s support, the city resumed its selective waste collection last May by implementing a pilot phase in the neighborhoods of Vila Godoi, Vila Guarapuava, and Jardim Paraná. Based on the partnership with the Intermunicipal Consortium Caminhos do Tibagi, the cities of Imbaú, Ortigueira, Reserva, Tamarana, Tibagi, Telêmaco Borba, and Ventania will receive support to ensure responsible waste management.

Development Forum in Goiana

Improving living conditions was also discussed at the meeting of the Sustainable Development Forum of Goiana (PE), held in April. The group consisting of businesses, residents and public authorities meets monthly to share information regarding participatory democracy, sustainable city management, and sustainable development.


Matas Sociais is successful (photo of the Matas Sociais program)

Local Development actions are being revamped in 2018. Participants of the Matas Sociais program in Ortigueira (PR) will diversify their production by growing bananas. Planting workshops were held, in addition to discussions with a potential buyer from Telêmaco Borba (PR), who currently receives supplies from the state of Santa Catarina. The 20 thousand seedlings of “Nanicão” [Dwarf Cavendish] are expected to yield 100 tons of banana, increasing the income of approximately 17 families.

Honey production will benefit 150 families until the end of the year (photo)

The Beekeeping and Meliponiculture program was expanded to the towns of Otacílio Costa (SC) and Angatuba (SP). With the expansion, the initiative now has 49 beekeepers and 78 apiaries. Another 24 partners will be incorporated by the end of this year, increasing household income. Honey production is expected to increase 8% in all municipalities.

—  Competitiveness and results

27th consecutive quarter of growth

Klabin started the new year with good results. Controlled costs and increased revenue allowed advances in the operating results for the first quarter. EBITDA was recorded at BRL 760 million, representing a 41% increase compared to 2017. This is the 27th consecutive quarter of growth. Sales volume also rose from 759 tons to 761 tons.

Another highlight in the first quarter was the acquisition of a 12.5% stake in the Israeli startup Melodea Bio Based Solutions, pioneer in extracting cellulose nanocrystals. The deal is part of Klabin’s strategy to offer increasingly innovative products and bioeconomic solutions to its customers. The technology will allow for the development of even more resistant, 100% recyclable paper and packaging, and the development of new forest-based businesses.

—  Environment

Index confirms the responsible supply of fibers

In January, sustainable practices adopted by the company were acknowledged for the third consecutive time in the Environmental Paper Company Index 2017 (EPCI). Klabin obtained 100% performance in the Responsible Supply of Fibers category. Certified and properly managed forest plantations were also highlighted in the index as the main factor in reducing the pressure on natural forests.

—  People

Improvements in the working environment at the Head Office

Aiming to provide employees a more functional and comfortable working environment, various improvement actions are being developed at Klabin’s Head Office in São Paulo in 2018. The initiatives range from improved infrastructure, increased mobility, information technology equipment, and the distribution of a welcome kit to new employees, who receive a laptop computer and basic access to the network, systems and Outlook on their first day of work.